Demolition of the Simia school

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Yael Zoran, Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
שוטרת ממש דחפה אותי בכוח. כל הזמן מלמלתי לה ״והדרת פני זקן״
כמה כוחות צבא מול מיעוט האזרחים

The banality of evil

Challenge 13 School - التحدي in Simia

We have already told the story of the school. The busy Route 60, which the children have to cross to study in neighboring Samua, prompted the parents to desire to build a school in their village. One of the parents donated a plot of land.  The teachers and permits were obtained from the Palestinian Authority. The military and civil administration authorities had already destroyed the school and the children moved to another house, which is the village council house, and built tents adjacent to it that served as classrooms. Yesterday the Civil Administration arrived at the school and said that the tents would be dismantled.

Today the floor of the buildings was destroyed.

From Route 60 we saw the army vehicles and the Border Police. The first thing we encountered was a border police officer who took photographs. Then they tried to remove us and when we said that we would not leave until we had been shown that it was a closed army area. They hurried to bring it. The policewoman actually pushed me hard with all her might.. I kept muttering to her, "Honor my old age"

They asked for ID cards and took pictures of mine.

They allowed us to come closer while they folded the tents. You can see how much army there were to control so few civilians.

The sign of the school which has been destroyed lies on the ground.

And as Yael said…. The worst is the silence  and there is no complaint that can be made because this is the state of Jews only  and neither we nor the Palestinians  know where to take our shame and fear

The demolished area