Habla - again a delay in opening the CP

Annelien Kisch, Hanna Aviram; Translator: H. Kahana

A delay in the activation of the checkpoint is a frequent matter.

06:40 – The CP should be activated in the morning from 07:00 onwards. People are already gathered at the entrance to the CP from the direction of Habla. No soldiers can be seen around.

07:00 – A vehicle bearing a civilian number arrives on the road running between the two fences, turns around and disappears. The CP is closed.

07:04 – A vehicle with soldiers arrives. People continue gathering near the entrance of the CP from the direction of Habla.

07:08 – The checking room if opened. The Checkpoint is still not activated.

07:12 – The teachers’ bus stands between the two fences. The procedure: one of the passengers presents to the girl soldier who is situated in the watch post adjoining the exit in the direction of the plant nurseries, the ID cards of all the passengers, by reading out the details. Two minutes later the bus passes. This was the first bus which passed the CP this morning. Cars drive out, as well as pedestrians.

07:22 – Another but waits between the fences for the checking process to finish. A minute later it continues on its way.

07:42 – The students’ bus enters in the direction of Habla.

08:07 – A car which has been standing all this time on the Habla side, turns around and drives away.

08:10 – The Checkpoint is being closed.