Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Fatima, Zada, Mohammad (report by Mira, according to Muhammad and Fatima, and with the help of Azzam)

Meitar border point: Less crowded than usual on Saturdays. Probably due to the weather..

Road 317: Little traffic and ailitary..   

Visit in the Hashem el Daraj kindergarten: The visit was a bit difficult due to the weather. The region of Susia and Carmel was covered with heavy fog and driving was hard and  a bit dangerous. In the area of Um-el-Khair and towards Hashem-el-Darage, there were many obstacles and big stones that rolled by the heavy water flood. The way took us twice as long as the usual time.  After arriving, we checked the classroom and the yard. There were less children than usual, due to the pasture season. Huda has already received the stationary equipment that she asked previously, for the teachers and the children.

Zada surveyed with the teachers. The results of the first semester. They also agreed on a plan for the second semester, and the mechanism for tracking the children abilities. Huda talked about a problem with a deaf child whose mother would like to join the kindergarten. Huda asked for advice and supervision for coping with this case. Zada provided ideas, advice and methods for integrating such a child in the kindergarten class.

Fatima contacted the Hebron-France association that promised help in improving the yard and the classroom.  They wait for scheduling a visit, that was  promised in the near future.

Attached are pictures from this visit, and previous pictures from the distribution of the winter clothing.

Pictures of past activities in the preschool – the album gallery of Gan Huda: