Masafer Yatta – installing pipes underground from fear of settlers

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Smadar Becker (reporting) and Muhammad (photographing); Translator: Natanya
א-תוואני - עם נאסר עדרה ואחיו נעים

Route 317: We drove from the Zanuta area to the Meitar junction where the road has been scoured. I wonder why, I don't remember that there was any problem.

Every shift I check whether the tents that have been destroyed each time (by settlers and the army) in Wadi Jahish are still standing there. This time we saw 3 tents again. 

We continued to At-Tuwani to visit Nasser Adara. He shows us the shed he set up in the room where we are staying, in his mother's house. In the center of the room is a wood stove which will help them to deal with the cold..

I ask what are the 3 rolls of black pipes we saw at the entrance to the village. Nasser explains that since settlers cut the pipes that carried water from At-Tuwani to the surrounding villages, they are installing the pipes again, this time underground. The work of digging is done by the people of the villages, who, as usual, are united by solidarity and mutual help.

His brother Na’im, 65 years old, who lives next door, is staying with Nasser. He has a permit to work in Ashkelon. 

They say that the day before, they were sitting with Ariela and Ehud (the village group) in the same place where we are sitting (outside, near the gas station). They saw an acquaintance from the village of Al-Jawiya (the village in front of At-Tuwani, beyond Highway 317), with an amputated hand, whom the army stopped and took his car.

A routine of confiscating vehicles that disrupts life.

If you can do something evil why not?