'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tami Rituv, Eliya Levy, Neta Golan (observers), J.H. (translation)

05:30 Barta'a Riehan Checkpoint

When we arrive, many people already wait in the upper parking lot for rides, and we observe more and more people joining them, including the seamstresses.

The line is long on the Palestinian side, the parking lot isn’t full yet, the Palestinian security guys are in their places, and a Palestinian janitor is at work cleaning. Groups of 60-100 people are admitted into the terminal at a time, and the wait in between groups isn’t long.


6:00 The parking lot has filled up and the line is longer. Fourteen trucks, laden with goods, wait to cross through, a process that won’t begin until 8:00.


6:10 Our car is checked on our way to the upper parking lot. We are told that six booths are open in the terminal. People pass through quickly; some stop for coffee and a pastry at the stall run by the settler from Hermesh. The parking lot is a mess of cars, many of them vans there to ferry laborers. Many people still await their rides and find spots to sit among the cars parked or maneuvering to get out of the lot.


6:30 Anin Checkpoint

A border police vehicle approaches but drives on along the security road. A military vehicle arrives and passes through. A DCL vehicle drives up and remains between the fences.


6:50 The military vehicle returns, the soldiers open the checkpoint gatesinfo-icon and within three minutes people begin to pass through. A total of around 100 people pass through, among them four women. We also observe five tractors and one mule crossing through. Three people are turned back, we aren’t sure why, and two cross in the direction of the village.


7:30 The crossing is over and the soldiers lock the gates. Four girls from the clan residing downhill from the checkpoint arrive, on their way to school. Now that we know (from the harvest  report of 29/10/16) how difficult it is to go up and down to their place, we appreciate all the more their dedication to their studies.


7:40 Tura Shaked Checkpoint

We hear complaints that today as well as yesterday the checkpoint opened late, at 6:50. Passage into the seamline zone is slow, people make their way through the carousel in groups of five and are admitted into the examination area one at a time.


8:00 Nearly everyone has crossed through, so we leave.