'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Observers: Leah Reichman, Hannah Heller Chana Stein translating.

05.55 – 07.35.

05.55. Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint. Workers holding coffee cups enter the sleeveinfo-icon. Contractor A. tells us that today they are a bit stricter at the terminal entrance. Every now and again they stop because of army vehicles or because of some ‘crisis’ (apparently because of yesterday’s attacks). The queue outside is very long, each time groups of 50 to 100 workers enter.  Inside the terminal it is quiet and 6 windows are functioning.

One worker told us that he waited 30 minutes at the checkpoint till exiting.

06.40. A’anin checkpoint. The checkpoint is open.  There are more soldiers than usual, but so far no one has passed through yet.  The DCO machine arrives and passage begins. 66 adults pass, one child and 6 tractors. Not everyone knows that olive harvesting began today.

One person who wore a jacket because of the cold was checked on suspicion that he was not going to work.

07.05. All passed.

07.10. Shaked-Tura checkpoint. On the way, we met workers and cars coming out of the checkpoint.  They tell us that the checkpoint opened at 6.30.  There are still cars and pedestrians in both directions. At 7.25 schoolchildren begin to pass – they pass quickly, without problems.