Jordan valley: It was great fun

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Rachel A. with a group of volunteers, reporting

please start with the pictures above  


it was one big fun time – no other word for it. First they shiver with cold and fright, and do not let go the responsible, adult hand. Slowly they thaw. Over two hours until they really enjoy themselves, and then it’s over.

Not really clear for us why they suddenly decided this was enough. Perhaps the adults’ agreement with the taxi driver? Who knows. Too short in my opinion. They could have enjoyed themselves there for another two hours.

I remained there with the family I brought along, and then came Israeli travelers, and more Palestinians, and it became a social encounter.

When we wished to get on our way back, an Israeli army jeep stood by the exit and instructed everyone, including the Jews, to use the stone-strewn dirt track, just so as not to use the security road.

Finally the Israelis followed us to Makhoul for a visit, and enjoyed Palestinian hospitality.

Since the genderized division is so strict and only men had come as accompaniers, we decided to bring the girls of the same communities to the same place next Friday.

Hanna Safran, nice and pleasant, created and organized this day – kudos!

It was great fun.