Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hannah Heller, Shosh Fried (reporting)

06.00 – 07.20


06.00. Barta’a checkpoint.  Active transport, the parking lot full of both cars and workers. As soon as we

His son’s permit was not recognized and he was not allowed to pass. In the D.C.O. they told him that his permit was actually in order – the usual harassing. Hannah took his details and promised to contact the D.C.O.

Three other people show us their work permits for the seamline zone together with an order banning entry into Israel. They want to work in Israel. They have applied to the D.C.O. but received no answer. We gave them a note with Sylvia’s phone number.

In the sleeveinfo-icon scores of workers come up towards us with a cooler, chatting, joking and greet us warmly.

Another man stops and tells us that he works in Barta’a, and every times he enters, they stop him and pull him aside for a few minutes before releasing him. We could not help him, other than listen sympathetically.

The checkpoint works efficiently and the workers come out quickly. 4 windows are manned. Peer, the taxi-driver, said there has been improvement in conditions and new toilets have been introduced in the parking-lot , but they were closed….

06.30. We left towards Tura.

06.40. Tura – Shaked checkpoint.  The checkpoint which should have been opened at 6.30 is still closed. The women soldiers at their stations are busy checking their weapons. No movement.

A car with an Israeli number enters without stopping.  A car with a Palestinian number is delayed on our side.

Because of school holidays there are no schoolchildren.

Two people come out, complaining about the delay.

Traffic is light.  After our friends the women textile workers have passed, we leave the checkpoint.