South Hebron Hills, Meghayer alAbid - demolition of a tent used for corona tests

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Daphna J. Translator: Natanya

Meitar Checkpoint 10:30, packed at both entrance and exit with vehicles and trucks. The parking lot is also full. According to Mehran of the Red Cross, because of the Corona, there are no family visits to the prisons. 

We drove on Route 60, the green was already turning yellow ... We passed Route 317, and along the road there are dirt blocks, which do not allow a convenient passage from the villages.

We went into Tuwani where we  met Jum'a, the village activist. He complained that the disease had been used to evacuate international  and now there is no one to help  them and to tell the world what is happening to them. The settlers before Ramadan, during an entire week,  threw stones at them and the army did not intervene. The settlers from Maon Farm, set up a trailer and a tent, outside the woods, in the area of the village.  The administration and the army said that  this would be destroyed, because it was illegal, but in the meantime they have  destroyed other things but not  the trailer and the tent! He also told about a redheaded soldier / settler, who walks around  and scares people and when they take pictures, he takes off his uniform ...Last week, there was a "tent battle", people from  the village came to the area and also set up a tent and settled there. Many people from the village came to the tent and the soldiers disappeared .....In addition, there are obstructions around the village that make it difficult for residents and farmers to access.

In the village they talk about annexation, and do not know what will happen .

From there we went to Umm Fakra, most of the men and women were not there . They had gone shopping, and the young people said that soldiers had come to their neighbors, in Ras Forsa, this week and destroyed a tent and shed for the sheep.

Also in Markaz they had carried out demolotions and in Maghayer alAbid demolished a tent where corona test were done! 

In short, the destruction and injustice goes on in full force and maybe even more ..

On the way back hardly any traffic.