A’anin: During the holiday the checkpoint only opened on Wednesday and people were not permitted to cross to the seamline zone to visit relatives.

Hannah Heller and Pierre (Driver) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

A’anin Checkpoint 15:05 – 25 men, 3 children who were helping their fathers, and  4 women who were returning from a family visit in Um A Reihan were waiting to cross.  There is little work to do in the olive groves – only spraying, so few people were crossing.  It is impossible to do any other agricultural work when people can only cross to their fields two days a week.  People complained that during the holiday the checkpoint was only open on Wednesday and they were not allowed to visit relatives during the other two days of the holiday either.   The soldiers arrived at 15:10 and opened the gatesinfo-icon five minutes later.  The soldier in charge of security pointed his weapon at the people who were crossing, and they began to cross at 15:25.  Three tractors crossed and the people crossed in groups of three without delay without any problems.


Tura – Shaked Checkpoint – 15:45

A young man from Yaabed was walking around the checkpoint and cleaning up.  Families with children were returning from the city of Jenin in the West Bank after shopping.  Workers and a tractor returned to the West Bank.  Crossing took place quickly.  A worried woman was standing under the shed on the seamline zone side who was on her way from Tura to Dahar el Malek in the seamline zone to visit family with her son and two other relatives.  One son crossed with her, another 15-year old son was delayed, and another relative and an 18-year old were not allowed to cross because they needed separate permits.

Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint, 15:55 – After Ramadan the checkpoint returned to its usual routine.  Many workers were returning to the West Bank from Israel.  A car with six passengers crossed to the West Bank.  The car stopped at the vehicle checkpoint and the passengers got out.  The car was checked inside and out and continued on its way after several minutes.  Cars crossing from the West Bank to Barta’a were meticulously inspected in the inspection shed.  Students who were residents of Barta’a returned from shopping for household items and women with shopping baskets were returning to Barta’a from the West Bank.  People crossed quickly in both directions.