Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Observers: Hannah Heller, driver F. Chana Stein translating


06:00. Barta'a checkpoint

Checkpoint routine: workers arrive, entering immediately. Six windows are operating and at the exit turnstile there is even a queue waiting to go out. After exiting, men fasten their belts, and go up the sleeveinfo-icon with their food boxes and cups of coffee, which they have bought at the kiosk. Next to the kiosk workers sit comfortably, drinking and smoking. Workers who have been on night shift at SHAHAK return to the West Bank. Our friend A. tells us that yesterday and today "are alright, you get used to everything."

The upper car park is full of people and vehicles. At the Barta'a turnoff is a local coffee seller and he, too, does not lack for customers. Trucks loaded with goods wait for checking, which is yet to start. Six passenger cars are checked in passage to the seamline zone – by means of a sniffing dog and a torch.

O6:30. Turah checkpoint

The soldiers are already present; a few cars and people are waiting outside. At 06:40, the checkpoint opens and people begin to enter the checking room. 2 schoolgirls without bags enter while reading their exercise books – preparing for tests - and pass quickly.

The first worker comes out at 06:50. Altogether, by 07:25, 45 people have passed, fewer than in the past. They told us that lately there has been a limitation on going out to the fields – only one person per family. Teachers, who in the past, when it was crowded, were allowed to pass without waiting in line, told us jokingly that nowadays they are send to the line.

Five passenger cars passed from the seamline zone to the West Bank, and ten cars moved in the opposite direction quickly.

At this checkpoint, in the mornings we meet three seamstresses who go to work in SHAHAK. Today the third woman was returned from the checking room because of a faulty magnetic card.

07:10. Schoolchildren begin to arrive, and pass immediately.