Barta'a Bar: Prevention has ended, but it still appears on the computer

Hannah Heller with Pierre (Driver) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

17.00 -15.45

 A’anin Agricultural Checkpoint 15:45

Our friend M. with his son and their tractor were waiting for the checkpoint to open.   They were joined by a woman friend who wished to cross legally after visiting a resident of A’anin in the seamline zone rather than cross through the hole in the fence near the checkpoint.

At 16:05 (20 minutes late) three vehicles arrived  carrying people from the civil authorities and armed soldiers.  The three people with the tractor crossed through the gate next to the wide opening in the fence.

Tura Checkpoint, 16:15 – Cars with passengers crossed in both directions, but most of the passengers crossed on foot through the inspection room while others drove across   The settlement of Shaked is expanding and there is new construction to the north near Dahar al Malik and not only on the east side.  

Barta’a Checkpoint 16:30 – Convoys of construction workers from Harish were returning through the checkpoint and said that they were beginning to vaccinate workers against COVIC – 19 but that vaccinations were only being given at Sha’ar Ephraim Checkpoint but not at  Barta’a. 

Merchandise was arriving at this time of day at the truck inspection facility. 


A man approached us who had been banned by the police from entering Israel for one year, and the ban had not been eliminated even though a year had already gone by.  As usual, there is no clear information about renewing permits.  He does not know what to do to renew his permit, and I don’t know either.