Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Michal Tsadik (reporting); Translator: Natanya

It is very cold. All the obstructions are open and the checkpoints along road 60 also. At the crossroads of El Fawwar there are many soldiers scattered in the field next to the spring . It is possible to see the children in the distance throwing stones. As Hagit reported and photographed on the 9.1.2017. But the entrances to Dura-El Fawwar are open and the traffic is normal.

At Hebron there are many children (proportionately) in the street as it is the winter vacation. The tomb of the Patriarchs as quiet and empty. There are soldiers in all corners of  Shuhada Street and various vehicles of the army including those wearing civil dress.

Our friend Z. who lives  right next to the Cordova steps comes to us though a long detour which he has to make and tells us of great tension although he does not know the reason. He prefers to go back home straight away. He invites us but we could not do so and said we would be in  touch during  the day. Later he sent photos. These are some of the photos of the convoy at the ascent of Tel Rumeida.

חלק מהשיירה בעליה לתל רומיידא
Part of the convoy on its way to Tel Rumaida
אויבת" העם במדי ביה"ס"
"The enemy of the Peaple" in school uniform


On our way back routine had returned to Dura el Fawwar