South Hebron Hills

Michal Tzadik (reporting); Translator: Natanya

We began on road 317 to Yatta so as to return the phone and documents of the person who had been released from Ofek jail. A long journey which had begun as the result of Sylvia’s request and ended with the help of Tzvia Shapira, Rachel Hayut and Tzipi Eynot. In his name we thank everyone.

A long journey which began  with the control exercised by bureaucratic harassment towards people who are invisible. But Tzvia also had to wait four hours at the jail so as to get the man’s phone and documents.

We did not go into Hebron.

On the return journey on road 60 we saw a strong army presence. The entrance to Hebron at the foot of Beit Hagai is open but does not show the reality.

The entrance to Deir Razak is blocked again and also at Abda there are mounds of rubble  and stones.

At the foot  of Otniel soldiers are on both sides of  the road.

Enjoy the autumn and the holidays.