Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935), Jayyus

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Nina S., Herzliya A.; Translator: Louise L.

North Falamiya 914, South Falamiya 935, North Jayyus 965,


Due to the discrepancy between the official opening hours that we had been informed about and the actual opening hours, we were not on time at any of the checkpoints. This season's opening hours should be checked and updated.

On our way to Jayyus, under the Azzun bridge, soon after 16:30, a group of soldiers at an ambulant checkpoint checked the people crossing in both directions. At times, a short line was formed. The soldiers were still there when we returned.

North Falamiya, Checkpoint 914

Opening hours: 17:10 – 17:30

We arrived early at Falamiya and thought we might pay a quick visit to the grocery store. There we heard that the checkpoint was just going to open so we left the shop only to arrive at 17:00, the moment it closed.

South Falamiya (West Jayyus). Checkpoint 935

Opening hours:  17:40 – 18:00

17:15, the gate was already open. Tractors with hitchhikers were crossing one after the other. Most of the tractors were pulling wagons. Workers were sitting in some of them while other wagons were loaded with plants from the fields– they were all on their way home from work.

One of the workers told Nina that the checkpoint at Jayyus North opens after Falamiya South during the season. Things were working smoothly so we left for Jayyus North to get there before the checkpoint opened.

Jayyus North, Checkpoint 965

Opening hours that we had been informed about: 18:10 – 18:20

17:40, the gate was closed. Laborers working close by told us that it had opened at 17:00.