Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tami Ritov, Hannah Heller
מחסום טורה: האם הכלב יעבור ללא היתר מעבר?

06:00 Barta’a checkpoint

People are streaming constantly to the upper parking lot and immediately get into the waiting transports. The workers greet us. Next to the kiosk people are eating and drinking and the counter women are busy. The lower parking lot is not yet full and people reaching the checkpoint quickly enter the terminal. 5 windows are active, and next to the exit turnstile there is even a queue. An annoying routine.

06:30  Tura checkpoint

Outside, near the fence, many people and vehicles are already waiting, but the checkpoint is still closed, and we are greeted only by rubbish bags and the dog.

The soldiers arrive only at 06:37. Before opening they do a vocal simulation of a crisis situation, and at 06:47 they finally open the checkpoint and let everyone in. People and cars start their way out to the seamline zone after 5 minutes. 2 cars and several women pass – quickly – to the West Bank side.

By 07:15, 58 people and 17 cars have passed to the seamline zone and there are still people inside the checking room. Those who have passed tell us that they arrive at 6 in the morning in order to be the first in line and not be late for work.

They also ask, for the same reason, that the checkpoint be opened at 06:00.  They complain that the soldiers shout at them.