South Hebron Hills - commission for a worker's permit, a scandel!

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Joel Z. (guest) and Raya Yeor; Translator: Natanya

We drove on Route 60, met Samir, a construction worker and a resident of Dahariya who works in the kibbutzim in the Arava, lives in one of the kibbutzim on the way to Eilat. He is there all the weekdays  (loves the kibbutz lifestyle very much) and on weekends returns to his wife and 8-month-old son. Samir works for a contractor who pays 2,500 NIS for each employee registered with his company. The brokerage fees between PA residents and brokers are a scandal which the new government must address as soon as possible.

There is no situation where a great deal of money enriches such a small number of people who benefit from brokerage fees. "Pig Capitalism."

Near Dahariya we met an extended family, the mother of three older children who are hugging their two babies in their arms. They were surprised to hear about our activities and asked to see the sea in Jaffa even if only once.

At the El Fawwarr junction, heavy vehicle traffic from all directions and in all directions. The routine has returned to the area we were told at the gas station.

The young people working at the station have hope for better days. "Inshallah will be fine."

All the way during out journey many people recognized us and waved.