Betlehem -  the 9th day of Ramadan

Natanya Ginsburg (photographer), Hanna Barag (observer), J.H. (translation)
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Bethlehem, 9th day of Ramadan   Photo: Natanya Ginsburg 

We reached the Palestinian side of the checkpoint at 8:00 and there was already very lively traffic, buses and people on their way to prayer. It seems to us that there are more women than men, but perhaps that's simply because the men are checked more carefully than the woman and accordingly we might not have seen them in groups. "Overage" children were turned back without hesitation. 

On the way to the checkpoint we met a policeman who keeps watch over the crowd with a kind of drone that has a camerainfo-icon attached to it. Later, the camera hovered overhead and everyone around became very excited. We couldn’t say we were similarly amused! 

We reminisced about the first time we came, with Vivi Tzuri, to the checkpoint during Ramadan, many years ago. Since then "there is order," the occupation has been "institutionalized," everything is "sababa - cool" - and tears came to our eyes!


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Bethlehem, shuttles to prayers, 9th day of Ramadan   Photo: Natanya Ginsburg