Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Hagit Back; Translator: Natanya


The army is back with new cameras at the entrance to Samo'a and at the entrance to Dahariya. This is in addition to cameras which are at Dura-el Fawwar.

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Soldiers guard the main road, road 60 at the entrance to every settlement.

The picture here is taken under Otniel.

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This is on road 60 at the entrance to Dahariya and at each crossroad which exits the road.  

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A camerainfo-icon at Dahariya.

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Hebron is busy with preparations for the holiday. There are new flags all over.

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The parking area is being prepared for the thousands of visitors who will come in the buses.

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The story of people who were  scared to be  filmed.

The Zion route is full of garages which are burning the chometz of the settlers’ cars. They are angry at the plans to build a checkpoint which will cost 5 million shekel and will force the Palestinians  to take roundabout routes and also takes away their livelihood for a year.

Groups of Indonesian Christians enter the Cave of the Patriarchs at the Jewish entrance. There are three such groups and TIPH volunteers guard them and promise that they will keep an eye open during the holiday.

Other Palestinians tell us that  they will stay at home during the holiday.

Yehuda Shaul of Breaking the Silence is taking a tour.

or a little over an hour  at 4.00 a woman is  detained at the checkpoint of the curve as there is a problem with her ID.

The holiday of freedom...