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Alia L. and Ruti T. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation



06:00  - Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

Many workers already crossed the checkpoint. Transport vehicles fill the entire area.  The guard at the mounted vehicle crossing stand doesn’t know the exact details about the expected closureinfo-icon during Passover.   We park in the Palestinian side of the parking lot.  There is no line. The turnstile is locked only at the hour that the army vehicle passes on the system’s road and then a short line is created at certain moments.  We meet A., through whose credit this checkpoint passage is tolerable (sorry for the expression).  He tells us that inside the terminal they installed an additional machine to inspect objects and at the last station, there are six or seven stations that are functioning.

It is our intention to arrive for the opening of Tura Checkpoint (06:30), but we are asked by someone to give a ride to his wife, who already passed through the checkpoint.  She is on her way to their daughter who is supposed to have an operation today in Sheba Hospital.  Her husband passes his wife a large purse with supplies and food and then it is clear that she missed the ride with “On the Way to Recovery.”  We take her to the bus station at Wadi Ara, opposite Umm el-Fahm.  The bus arrives immediately and the driver, who speaks Arabic, picks her up and promises to take her to board the bus to Sheba Hospital.  And thus we ended this time, our shift.