Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Hagit; Translator: Charles K.

Hebron, Southern Hebron Hills


In general, there seems to be a desire to return to what it was like prior to the start of the Palestinians’ recent uprising.

It’s expressed by the opening of all the roadblocks and gatesinfo-icon.

Ten days ago the checkpoint at Bani Na’im south was opened and three days ago the Beit Anun checkpoints were opened.





The army and police maintain the occupation routine with flying checkpoints.




Police at the Kvasim Junction





The army at Hazayit crossing, the entrance to Hebron from Highway 35, Ras al Jora neighborhood






The Nahal is stationed in Hebron, and there’s not a living soul.  Even the booth cid:3AEAA067-E42D-44E8-8E53-292FE0AF4E93


On Thursday, Israel’s Independence Day, a large demonstration is planned on the Palestinian side of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, calling for revoking the order defining it as a closed military area.


Among the participants will be representatives of foreign governments, members of the Hebron municipal council and of the Palestinian government.


All Israelis desiring peace were invited to attend.


Otherwise, the army is now busy guarding Menachem Livni’s vineyard (a member of the Jewish underground from the 1980’s who was released from prison), inside the town of Bani Na’im.






“The lords of the land” are now engaged in the following activities; you can see these signs next to lage numbers of Israeli flags.






The Palestinians I meet report being blacklisted from entering Israel from one day to the next.  This particular family – one of its children was placed in administrative detention, jailed for twenty days, released as randomly as he’d been arrested, and the entry permits to Israel were confiscated from the whole hamula.


(We told them what they should do – mostly to wait until next year).


And, besides, all the Palestinian farmers are harvesting wheat, to finish before Ramadan which begins on June 6 this year.





Despair is unending.