Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

About 20 people were in the waiting hall since 08:30 , according to them, and yet they had not begun to let them in. We spoke to Hannah B. and at 11:20 they started to let them in, probably as a result of the call. The delay could have been punishment for the bloody incident in Barkan yesterday. 

A 63-year-old man approached us, a retired officer of the (Palestinian) police, and said that he is GSS-“prevented” for the next 99 years. We advised him to write a letter and try to remove the prevention.  

A man came up and said he had a permit to enter Israel to look for work. He drove around the roads in a Jerusalem friend's car, but the two did not return to Jerusalem because the car broke down. While trying to fix the car, the Border Police arrested them. The broken car and their oil-stained clothes and hands did not convince the police. They immediately got a prevention for a year, so now he can’t even look for a job. We advised him to write and request a pardon, explaining what happened to try to remove the evil decree. 

An older man said he accumulated lots of traffic fines and asked if it were possible to reduce the fines. Ada Gorney, who handles fines, advised us and instructed to write a letter and send it to her. 

When we left at 12:00 there were still 15 people waiting.