Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Nina S., Herzliyya A. (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

6:15 - 7:45, opening hours

Ordinary day of occupation, in honor of the holiday there is a closureinfo-icon for building workers.  Agricultural workers are allowed to pass.

6:20  We arrived.  The soldiers had already arrived and were preparing to open the checkpoint.  On this side - total silence.  Not a person to be seen.  The gate from the Habla side opened and there were a few waiting.  Very few, because of the closure.

6:25  The first to pass through the security booth came out.  Continuously, individuals arrive and go through immediately.  A small number.  Also wagons and bicycles go through.

6:50  A woman goes through whom we know who greets us happily.  She tells us that the closure does not include agricultural workers, but only building workers.

7:00  The trickle continues.  Someone approaches us and asks for Sylvia's phone number.  He had received a notice that he is no longer allowed through and he doesn't know why.  He had never gone to jail.

A. arrives to organize the lines, but there is no need.  Nevertheless, he remains until the gatesinfo-icon are closed.  The few people who come are sent through quickly.  One ot them (brother of H.) says that their whole family got permits for the olive harvest.

7:25  Suddenly, the stream of people increases.  A few dozen people go through one after the other.  The minibus goes through - the teachers are not asked to get out!  Also tractors go through dragging wagons and cars on both sides.  Traffic becomes heavy.  Now the soldiers are checking the people also in the shed next to the inspection booth.  This is useful, so there is no backup of those waiting.

7:45  A. leaves in his car.  The gates are closed.