South Hebron Hills - settlers invade private Palestinian lands

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Michal (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
דרום הר חברון - נווה המדבר של אבו סאפי

Meitar checkpoint

After Meitar, we see that the breached fence has been repaired. Tractors are now working there: many trees have been uprooted, probably for the purpose of exposing the area in the army language, and now piles of dirt are being piled up to make it difficult to pass through anywhere.

We went to Abu Safi, who lives on his land , in a kind of valley at the foot of the South Mount Hebron regional council buildings, and near the (wild) Mitzpe Asael outpost. A little above the desert oasis of Abu Safi, Israel Kaplan's farm was established. This has already been mentioned in many reports. Kaplan chose to establish his farm separately from the surrounding old outposts.

Abu Safi says that the settler Israel Kaplan constantly abuses him. Kaplan passes through  almost every day with his flocks (probably on purpose), invades his private  lands, then the settler's  sheep  eats or destroys all the crops belonging to Abu Safi.

Abu Safi tries to communicate with him  and make some settlement .  But it doesn't help. Kaplan is sure of his righteousness and his historical right to settle there and continues to invade and harrass unhindered. Abu Safi's neighbor arrives and also tells about the same problem.

Abu Safi will send a video illustrating the invasion of the settler and his herd.