Etzion DCL: the woman soldier screams, the occupation goes on

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Shlomit S., Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal


We were greeted by the woman-soldier's rude yelling behind the window, who was ordering those entering the waiting room. A man who was about to leave told us, "Today there are no magnetic cards. There will be only on Wednesday." Another man added: "The soldiers went out for a two-day trip. "

More people who came to receive a magnetic card left disappointed. Others, who had just arrived and asked to be let in were answered by the soldier's screams: "I already told you there are no cards!" She did not notice that these were people who have just arrived.

Several people came to us and said that they had a regular place of work and had a work permit 00, that is, a permit permitting 24 hours stay in Israel. All of a sudden, they found out they were GSS prevented. Another man who was prevented said that three of the four names in his ID (first name, last name, father's name and grandfather's name) were identical to the names of a relative of his, and hence, was prone to a confusion that linked him to an organization that Israel sees as an illegal organization. We advised him to call a lawyer and recommended one.

A sick young man, denied entry to Israel by the GSS, complained that time after time they refused to give him a permit to go to a Mukassed Hospital in East Jerusalem, where Palestinians are being treated. We advised him to get a letter from the West Bank’s hospital where he was treated, that will explain why he can’t be treated there. We suggested he apply again at DCL at least ten days before the scheduled appointment in Jerusalem. If they refuse again, he should contact our friend Hanna B. We gave him her phone number.

A paramedic told us that he represents a patient who underwent a pacemaker transplant at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and that he has to go there for further treatment. Two weeks ago, he submitted a request at Hebron DCL, which was not approved. It is unclear whether it was the fault of GSS or DCL. We advised him to submit an invitation from Hadassah Hospital to Etzion DCL and not Hebron, and notify Hannah B. so that she could follow the process.