Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim)

Edith M. (English translation), Varda Z (reporting)

The routine at work

The gatesinfo-icon opened at 3:58, and the first people got through the checkpoint in just three minutes.

4:07 - A woman got through in four minutes, one man we were watching for took five minutes and another eleven.

4:30 - One man took nine minutes, another thirteen.

5:02 - Only seven minutes.

By the separation barrier we met a group of EAPPI volunteers from assorted countries, who were interested in talking with us. 

Personal impressions: After about a year that I didn't go to the checkpoint, I noticed a number of״ improvements״. 1. The fence along the border has extra barbed wire making it higher.2.   The electronic sign that flashed alternately English, Hebrew and Arabic has been replaced by a permanent sign in Hebrew only announcing that this is 'Shaar Efraim Terminal.' 3.  Throughout the area efforts are visible to improve security and beauty.