South Hebron Hills

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Nissan, Mira B., Judy A. (reporting), Mohammad (driver, translator and participant)

9:00– 13:00. 

Activity at Huda’s Preschool in Hashem Al Daraj

Nissan is Judy’s son; he juggles and has done circus work. He lives abroad. During his recent visit here, he volunteered to help with an activity at Huda’s preschool. We went directly to the preschool.  As usual, the children were very happy to see us.  Approximately 20 children were in attendance as were Huda, Houla, and Amna.

The children and teachers were astonished and amused by Nissan’s juggling.  He then involved the children in movement games that required attention and cooperation.  We need to do more activities of this nature.

We ended our visit in the customary way - drinking tea with the teachers.  We talked about Ramadan which was soon to begin and about the future of the preschool. The salaries of the teachers were partially paid by the Village Group and we also helped to raise money.


Pictures of the activity – in the April 19 2018 album in the album gallery of Gan Huda: