Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Simia school

Ariela (reporting) and M.; Translator: Natanya
Banksy in Abed's shop

The gate at Abda next to the pillbox is closed in both directions and there is only a passage for pedestrians.

We entered Hebron through the industrial area of Kiryat Arba which seems like a deserted town.

It is the vacation time in Hebron, the schools are closed and the children are in the streets, playing, also with toy guns opposite the soldiers at the checkpoint.

The  checkpoint which was behind the shop of Abed has been moved so that it is no longer possible to park next to the shop which solves the problem of M. with the border police who do not allow him to park there. I am sure that Anat Cohen is able to park there every day so as to give coffee to the soldiers.

At Abed’s shop I found a postcard with the picture of Banksy and the solutions he give to the pillboxes which are increasing.

"And turn their pillboxes into turnstiles ..."

On our way back we see what was left of the Simia school Challenge 13: The Palestinian flag and a water container that, for some reason, was not taken by the army.