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Hannah B. and guest, Julian S. (guest of Breaking Silence) trans. Judith Green

4:45​ Although it is a holiday (the birthday of the Prophet) the stations are open and the line is as long as the exile.  Freezing cold. The race through the slalom is an embarassing and depressing sight.  Is this the way to start your workday?  The "Humanitarian" line, which has little to do with Humane, opens late, as usual (6:20) and the woman responsible for opening is sour-faced and did as little as possible.  Since it was a school vacation day, there were not many requesting this line.

The guest is a playwright living in England.  She is a daughter of two Apartheid fighters who are among the most famous in South Africa.  Her mother was killed by an explosive device thrown at her by Apartheid supporters.  Her father sat in jail for years because of his activity against Apartheid and for being a Communist.  Afterwards, he was appointed as a Minister in the government of Mandela.

Our conversation concerns the meaning of the deprivation of freedom of movement (not an issue which was unfamiliar to our guest).  She was very interested in what we are doing - as women fighting against the occupation system.

We left, frozen, at 7:30, by which time the line was much reduced.