Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Nina S., Herzlia A. (observing and reporting) Translator: Charles K.

The fields and hills are becoming green and everything appears quiet and pastoral, but a fence cuts through embittering the lives of the inhabitants who are unable to enjoy the bucolic surroundings.  They must obtain permits to reach their fields and organize their lives according to the schedule of the gatesinfo-icon and ensure they return on time when the gates open on their way home.  Who has the time and peace of mind to look at the beauty.

On the way to Falamiya we saw no soldiers at ‘Azzun.

We saw children in the streets of the villages along the way.  It wasn’t clear whether they returned early from school or had no classes today.

Falamya north, 914

It’s open 12:45-13:15

12:43.  We arrived, one tractor stopped beside us, waiting for the gate to open.  The driver greeted us warmly.  Beyond the gate we saw a few people waiting alongside tractors and cars.

12:53  The soldiers arrived.

12:58  The first tractor, with three passengers, goes through to the village.   Six more tractors go through, people on bicycles and cars and seven on foot.  The tractor next to us waits patiently to cross to cultivate the fields.  He’s plowing, preparing for planting he said.  Finally he goes through at 13:08.

The soldiers worked calmly.

13:15  We drove to Habla, the soldiers began to close the gate.

Habla, gate 1393

It’s open 13:15-14:15

13:45  We arrived at the checkpoint.  It’s calm, almost no one here.  At the exit from Habla stand two people with a small cage of chickens.  Someone passing by replies to our question - they weren’t allowed through.  After a few minutes they return to where they’d come from.  I wonder how the Bedouin of ‘Arab Ramadin are able to buy chickens and bring them home to the seam zone.

A trickle of people crossing on foot, pickup trucks and bicycles, a tractor.  Two trucks entered Habla, two bicycles, a pickup truck with seedlings.

Towards the end a family dressed festively comes through the gate.  The children and two women stop beside us, a girl pleasantly offers us chewing gum.  A taxi arrives – the driver is apparently their father – and everyone gets in and drives away smiling.

14:45  They began closing the gate.  We drove off.