Habla - the hole in the fence has been dealt with

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Nina S., Herzliya E. Translator: Hanna K.

Opening hours: 13:30 – 14:00

13:20 The loophole in the gate, on the side of the entrance to Habla has been dealt with, but in the fence opposite it the opening has not been blocked. People pass without any problem. Next to us women, who have returned from their work, are waiting for the opening of the gate. One of them tells us that she has met with a friend.

13:35 The soldiers arrive, check the papers and enable the women and other people waiting to enter Habla. One of the waiting  women tells us that she lives at Ras Atiya and works at Yarhiv, where she earns 50 shekels per hour for cleaning, she at at least get a decent payment!  But she walks an hour in each direction from the gate, and from there a taxi home to Ras Atiya and she has of course to wait for the gate to be opened in the morning and at noon. A difficult life.

The many vehicles leaving Habla are being checked and the soldiers conduct friendly conversations with the passing people. It is clear that they know them since a long time.

There were no special events.

The gate was shut on time.