Bethlehem (300)

Claire Oren, Translation: Naomi Gal

At first 2 windows are open, later on 4.

Occasionally many people arrive together and a jam is created. Men arrive with their belts in their hands and put it back on while walking; enough time has been wasted inside the checkpoint. They pass a bag with documents from one hand to the other while threading the belt and so they come out into the fresh air and breathe some freedom...

As usual a number of Palestinians arrivea at the booth on the Israeli side and only then discover that they don’t have the necessary paperwork in order to pass to the Israeli side; and are forced to turn back. A man claims to be 50 but this is the age for permit-free passage for women... One woman says she's 50 but the computer discloses her true age: 47 and she is forced to cancel her plans and return to Bethlehem.

The soldiers in the booth are apparently bored and one of them is regularly emitting discordant sounds. Palestinian women turn around terrified and retreat as quickly as they can.

Two security-guards sit, talk, and are harmless but one of them releases a sarcastic, contemptuous remark to a Palestinian woman who did not understand from where she had to enter toward Bethlehem. After all, the Palestinians must not disturb each other when entering and exiting to and from Bethlehem while using the same window. Later they change window 3 so now it serves people going toward Bethlehem - which really makes sense and is necessary.