Qalandiya - exchange of sick people between 2 ambulances

Daniel Pardo and Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

A 40-minute wait for an ambulance to arrive from Jerusalem is not long but ample time to see the Border Police hunters raid buses and private vehicles, make workers on their back from work stand in line and ordering drivers out of their cars to conduct a thorough search inside.

Here, in the few meters between greater-Jerusalem and Palestine everyone is suspect.

40 minutes that are possibly disappointing for the hunters. Perhaps by chance they caught no prey, and perhaps Palestinians have learned that this is hunting hour and chose alternative routes.

After those 40 minutes our attention was turned to the two ambulances that finally met and exchanged their dual human cargo.

A man after head surgery was brought back from Jerusalem to the West Bank, and another whose gait is wobbly, unbalanced, was transferred to Muqassad Hospital in East Jerusalem for neck surgery.

No mention or asking about ambulance traveling directly from the West Bank to East Jerusalem or back.

Such are the regulations/rules/edicts, namely – ways to break the Palestinians’ spirit and body both.

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