Dura - an email report in Corona days

Ronit R. - email report in Corona days; Translator: Natanya

Report in Corona days

On Tuesday, 7.4, I rang our friend Y. from Dura to check out what was happening with them. Y. is a "scribe", writes requests for removal of prevention to enter Israel of people in Hebrew and submits them on behalf of these people to the office which deals with this.

The answers come to him and people who have again been refused and want to petition the court are referred to me. After the conversation with the man, I email Y. to forward the man's documents to me for the petition.

Y. is in continuous contact with me as well as with Tammy, Goni Tzur and Sylvia. When I contact him about a potential petitioner he usually replies within 24 hours. These days there are very few inquiries to us, but still at 4.4 someone did get in touch whom he had dealth with.  I wrote to him about this man and didn't get an answer.

The last time we spoke, his office was still open, and he said he installed a partition between him and his clients. I assumed the office was now closed. Despite this, I wrote to him, and when he didn't reply I was a little worried.

On 7.4 I rang Y. to his cell phone and he did not reply anddid not get back to me later, and I was more worried. But then, in the evening, a message came from him in an email addressed to Tammy, Sylvia Goni and me, in which he wishes us and our families a Happy Passover on behalf of his family members (some of whom I knew when there were the sea days for the children organized by MW memebers). There has been a curfew for 18 days and has now been extended for another 25 days, the office is closed and everyone is in their homes, but to my question he replied that everything was fine with them and again wished us  a happy holiday again.