Corona time, Anin: bureaucracy of the occupation tested for solidarity

Shuli Bar transfer telephone reports from the west bank est Bank
Local Palestinian resident

1)  Report from Anin village
M. sends me a photo of his home on the top of the hill, and of his son spraying the weeds growing among the olive trees near his home. And what happens with the olive groves across the Separation Fence? I ask. According to him, his village council lodged an urgent appeal to the DCO at Salem, requesting that tractor owners be allowed to cross the agricultural checkpoint closed on account of the Corona-virus spread, because the weeds are spreading too and if not stopped now, it will be so much harder to do once the ground dries up, in the summer.

Will the Corona pandemic soften the occupation’s bureaucracy in such days of hardship for us all?


2) Report from Zabda village

W. was glad to report that today he was allowed to cross over to work in Eastern Barta’a, and he is neither a physician nor a high-ranking official… I don’t inquire how and why, and am glad to partake in his satisfaction. According to him, at the entrance to every village in the area the Palestinian Authority has erected 2-3 checkpoints, vehicles are made to park over to the side and uniformed police stop them. He sends me a photo of his mother and her grandchildren sitting on a sunny afternoon at the entrance of the building where the extended family resides.












ו' מזבדה שמח לבשר שהיום אפשרו לו לעבור לעבודה בברטעה המזרחית, והוא לא רופא ולא פקיד בכיר...

לדבריו ליד כל כפר וכפר באזור יש 2-3 מחסומים פלסטינים, רכב חונה בצד ושוטרים במדים עוצרים את המכוניות.


ג'נין, רחוב דין אל קסאם שומם מאנשים ומכוניות                         זבדה, מפגש סבתא ונכדים של משפחת ע' במורחבת, אתמול אחה"צ