Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Ariella Slonim, Michal Ts. (photos and report); Translator: Tal H.

On Road 60 – all entrances are open except for Abda.
Even the entrance to Deir Razih is finally opened after many months.

The entrance to Al Fawwar was blocked Monday night.
People don’t understand why, and the barrier is unmanned by soldiers.
So the people wander around helpless, trying to manage back-to-back in cabs.

In Hebron, everything is ‘normal’. We met for a while with Z. who lives opposite Hadassah House. However, upon my return home this morning I received a phone call and photos from M., his brother, who sounded frightened. According to him, many soldiers came to his neighbors who live right next to the Tarpat Checkpoint – The Policeman Barrier, placed at the bottom of the hill leading up to Tel Rumeida. They are preventing him from continuing his home renovation work. He asked me to translate what they wrote on the doors. They forced the children out of the house, hurriedly, and the family does not know what to do.

This is what was pasted on the doors:

“A Protection House”



M. also said he wished to cross over to area H1 in order to be interviewed by foreign television. At the Tarpat Checkpoint a soldier with special motivation would not let him get through. Only after long discussions an officer arrived and told the soldier he could not prevent a Palestinian from entering that part of the city. [M. sent a video showing the argument]/

At the Pharmacy Checkpoint we spoke with two Norwegian women of TIPH, trying to understand their motivation. They know that there are people inside Israel who are opposed to the Occupation. And they too are here only for monitoring and reporting (Vive le petit difference…).


On our way back, the entrance to Al Fawwar was still blocked.