Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills

Semadar, Michal (reporting); Translator: Natanya

We drove to see what was going on at the Dura-El Fawwar intersection which has there has been many problems in recent weeks. The IDF has stopped the massive security which had been imposed. It is interesting to notice that the children have  also stopped throwing stones. Again the question of the egg and the chicken.

We went to the grocery store in El Fawwar to ask how they are. Everything has been quiet since the beginning of the week. Everything is routine.  The soldiers are now only in the pillbox. 

We went to Khursa, the village which contains the pillbox, built on the village's meeting place. The pillbox is only there to guard the road to Negohot settlement. They say they are now allowed to enter the Diwan at will, however, every day in the evening, a roadblock is set up on the road for two hours and delays the cars which they check. They also say that in the lot opposite the pillbox, the landowner wants to build a house which he needs  but this is not allowed because of the location (opposite the pillbox) . They have turned to the court and we will see what developments there will be.

In general, it turns out that all the  men soldiers and the women soldiers behave well.

Stockholm Syndrome? .