Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Nina S., and Hertzlia A., Hanna K (translating)

Opening hours: 16:30-17:10

16:26 It is very cold. We have arrive. The soldiers are already here and are getting organized. They call the waiting Palestinians, about twenty people, to bring their papers for checking. One of them turns to Nina with a request for help: to find out why he is entry precluded. Nina referred him to Silvia. A. organizes the affairs. A small truck, loaded with flowerpots enters Habla.

The passage is quick and quiet, everybody know his task. The head of the Arab Ramadin tribe passed with a jeep full of children, and delayed in order to hand over the birth certificates of everybody.

Cars and people pass all the time. There are no delays. H., our acquaintance in a cart tells us that his sheep have returned to the zone of the paddock in the Seam Zone.

17:10. There is nobody left. The soldiers prepare to close. We leave.