Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills

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Daphna and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, according to Muhammad, in the early hours was particularly busy. There was also a police and border presence checking people and cars which definitely slowed down the traffic.

Along Road 60 we passed the intersection of Samu', Dahariya, Karma, Abda  where everything was open, without checkpoints and without military vehicles and soldiers.

At Khursa, we visited Yusuf Shahtit, who lives near the pillbox. The soldiers have  added barbed wire  around their post, but in such a way that the family cannot go through to the diwan (a meeting place) which is  across from  the house.

At times the army also adds checkpoints at the nearby mosque.

Recently the army has not entered houses at night and there is no harassment at the crossing,  (apparently a commander has been replaced ...)

Later Tawfiq arrived,  very frustrated by the aggravated economic situation of people, the merchants do not have permits to trade in Israel and the situation of many people has become  more and more difficult.

We drove to the Al Fawwar junction which was open with  no checkpoints or soldiers,  but there are road works and a big traffic jam. There is no sale of vegetables at the junction, as before, the Palestinians have been  expelled.

We drove to Simia and met Farhan. The school is open and the children are studying.

The Antiquities Authority comes and harasses them  from time to time, saying that they are  sitting on antiquities.

Good news: They received money from the European Union for the construction of electricity, water and road infrastructure for the village. They are supposed to start right in the next few days and finish within a few months.