Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:30 The State of Israel must have a budget surplus and is, therefore, investing heavily in pampering the Palestinians, for example, buying nearly 100 new metal seats for the DCL waiting hall. When we entered the hall, we discovered the new rows of seats still covered in plastic and the stacked rows of the old seats behind. We did not understand why the old seats were removed since the Palestinians never complained about them, and why were the new seats purchased. Did someone have a personal interest in the transaction?

A few GSS "preventeds" came to us; one is "prevented" till 2100! We gave them the usual advice. An elderly man followed them, who told us about a more complicated problem. He said that in the past he was a collaborator. When he asked his superiors to fulfill their promises, he became GSS "prevented." Now he cannot make a living in Israel, and in the Occupied Territories, he is an outcast. Per Hanna's advice, we referred him to a lawyer.