Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Daphna, Leah (reporting) and Muhannad

09.24: at the square behind the Meitar crossing, a police car. Muhammad says the procedure is that the illegal workers who are arrested are taken for questioning to the police at the Shoket Junction. If they are “on probation”  that is if they had been caught before they are kept to the next day to be brought before a judge and if not they are freed.

09:55 We enter Hebron through the Kiryat Arba / Givat Gal industrial zone. All entrances to Palestinian Hebron are blocked, including red signs warning of entry into the Palestinian Territory, and a few soldiers guard.

The "worshipers' route" for the holiday is being prepared, a way along which only just Jews from Kiryat Arba on their way to the Cave of the Patriarchs, can use with  fences on both sides.

The upgrading of the occupation is evident everywhere: sidewalks renovated on roads only for Jews. Huge signs at the checkpoints greet the Palestinians with beautiful words "Welcome" in Hebrew and Arabic . How nice. The Palestinian municipality has painted the iron doors of the locked shops and so that fascist graffiti of the settlers has disappeared.

The area of the Cave of the Patriarchs is surrounded by a fence and a chairs in honor of the Jewish holidays. The store in front of the Cave of the Patriarchs is closed, as is the Sharia court environment. It is only necessary to drag the Palestinians to the mikve and convert them and everything will be find,

There are no international volunteers at all in the field. Only tourist-packed buses guided by the settlers, and perhaps one vehicle of visitors from our "our" side.

The formidable barrier at the entrance to the Kafisha  neighborhood, which shows two commercial vehicles delivering "back-to-back" goods at the checkpoint on the other side, highlights the economic repression of the occupation.

Return via Route 317. All entrances to El Carmel village to the right of the road (opposite Abigail) are of course blocked. On the other hand, every settlement (including Asael) boasts a large sign on "its" spring, which of course was stolen from the Palestinians, inviting "innocent" Israeli Jewish travelers to visit the Occupation as if nothing happened here, because the closing of the springs which are really their own property is not considered a violent action.  Only the Palestinians are violent, not we. And huge pillars are growing in the landscape along the road - the State Electric Company is drawing another line to strengthen the infrastructure for Jews only.