Bedouin villages in the Negev, South Hebron Hills

Ariela, Smadar, Michal (reporting); Translator: Natanya

We went to Aroer earlier, because we were invited to see a fair showing the products that women make and sell as part of a program to empower them. There were handicrafts and foods for sale. A Welcome activity that we hope will develop

From there we drove to A-Tuwani to meet Basel and his father Nasser. Basel was before a trip to Italy to which peace organizations were invited and asked us to help him  to inform the public what was going on. Leah Shakdiel agreed (when she was finished with her exams to become  a rabba), to meet and think together how to do so. Nasser introduced us to his wife, Kafau, who has formed a kind of cooperative of  women who produce local handicraft and various crafts and are looking as to how to advertise and sell. We  promised to try to help on the issue even though it is very difficult.

We welcome anyone who has ideas.