Curfew in Azzun, new building in Nabi Iliyas and a big new road being built

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Ronny P. and Nina S. Translator: Hanna K.

The occupation routine – curfew in Azzun, new building at Nabi Iliyas

We begin at the barrier, the soldiers arrive late, at 13:30  (they are supposed to arrive at 13:15). Today everybody is registered on the computer and all the certificates are checked for those entering Habla as well as for those leaving it.

A driver in a car arrives and is not allowed to pass, he has no authorization. There is a debate and phone calls and he waits on the side. It turns out that he has arrived in order to repair a water pump, this is his expertise. At the DCO he was told that he has an authorization to pass, but at the barrier they have not heard about it. After many phone calls and a long wait of half an hour, the longed-for authorization arrives and he passes. Many cars pass, mainly from Habla, on the way to the plant nurseries, carrying plants. Again the cars are stopped and there is a debate, a long queue is formed but at least one polite soldier goes to the cars entering Habla and lets them pass. The car which has been stopped and not allowed to pass unloads work utensils and loads them on another car, while it itself stands to the side. Again telephone conversations and checks, according to the driver he has an authorization to pass – but at the barrier they don’t know about it. In the meantime a woman carrying a heavy cardboard  box on her head is stopped in order to check the box. A soldier helps her to transfer the box to the other side – I am full of admiration.

The soldiers decide to close the barrier and our friend is still waiting at the center of the barrier with his car. After many phone calls he is released and allowed to enter the plant nurseries. The gate begins to be closed, a bit before its time, but other persons arrive and the soldiers again open it and let the people pass. At 14:15 all is closed and we drive first through Nabi Iliyas. Shops are open and there is activity but further on, at the ascent there suddenly is an enormous wall and on the side of the road there is a signboard: Welcome to upper Nabi Iliyas – see photo.

חומה מקיפה את נבי אליאס עילית

So we entered, there is a new well paved road and a number of new and well kept houses, plots planted with fruit trees as well as cucumbers, pumpkins and other vegetables. The plots are meticulously fenced in. It seems to be a new neighborhood for well-off residents. It turned out that this was probably the B area, where it is allowed to build.

We continued to Azzun to see whether there is a curfew there, and indeed in the streets of Azzun all is closed except for the tire repairman’s shop and food shops. The curfew there is strictly kept.