'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Anna N.S., Reporting

Marcia L., Translation

Barta’a Checkpoint, 05:55

Tens of people wait for transportation to work in the upper parking lot.  Most of them appear to me to be 30+ years old but obviously there younger or older too.  According to them, about 5000 people or more pass through the checkpoint every morning, since they are permitted to pass from here into Israel to work.  Likewise, they say the passage is quick today and that for two weeks there have been no problems.  In the middle of the way down to the terminal, there is a kiosk and opposite are cement benches.  Workers on their way to work sit with their friends, smoke and drink coffee.  Others pass by them and hurry to their rides, buckle their belts that they took off for the inspection, speak on the phone . . .

At the entrance to the checkpoint, in the Palestinian parking lot, there still are not a lot of people and whoever arrives, enters immediately.  The vans and food trucks wait for inspection which begins at 08:00, after they have waited for hours.  In the area of vehicle inspection, three soldiers are checking under and inside the vehicles with strong flashlights and finally let them go.

Agricultural Checkpoint Anin (214), 06:34

The checkpoint is open, people say that about 30 people passed through.  Inspection of the documents is carried out at the central gate, far from where we can see.   By 06:50, almost everyone has passed through.  A young man in a white shirt stands opposite soldiers.  According to his body language, it appears that he is trying to convince them to let him pass.  Clearly, without success. Routine complaints:  The soldiers suspect that because of his clean clothes, he wasn’t going to go to work his land. The interrogation is humiliating.  Israeli flag is stuck wretchedly in the top of the fence that surrounds the iron gate at the entrance to the checkpoint. 

Telephone report in the afternoon:  Again the checkpoint was openedvery late.  It is supposed to be opened at 15:00 but the soldiers came only at 17:20! Ramadan begins today; a little consideration?

Tura-Shaked Checkpoint (300), 07:05                                                       

A garbage container greets us; the garbage is strewn all around the area, but who cares? Students are on summer vacation until September and their absence at the checkpoint is felt.  Next to the turnstile, on the far side next to the Palestinian village Tura, about 20 people are waiting.  The pace of passing through is slow.  A number of cars are checked carefully on their way to the West Bank.  People expect that the checkpoint will open at 06:30 now, during the hot days of Ramadan.  Consideration of this fact is really requested.

07:5 – There is no one still waiting at the turnstile.  We leave.