Hursa - the pillbox does not allow free access to the divan

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Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
הפילבוקס בחורסה

Today the checkpoint is busy and tomorrow it will be  closed.

With a heavy heart after another round of alarms and safe rooms Be'er Sheva looks like an abandoned city. While there is no protection for the unrecognized Bedouin villages, when Gaza is like the ghetto and the heart aches for their suffering, and our friends in the south were already choking with a scream and a cry for peace, when Steinitz declares that it will be like this for thirty years, when I know that the word peace was deleted from the lexicon, I went on our shift.

I did not have the strength to go to Hebron. To meet the Smotriches it's difficult.

Ramadan began today and with the heat everything looks deserted and sad.

And only the names of the settlements resonate in fine Hebrew,



In the picture, the pillbox is in Khursa  with signs pointing to more settlements.

החומה שליד אשכולות

In the picture is the wall next to Eshkolot  which has been brought into the State of Israel. They took lands belonging to the people of Dahariya to do so.

מחסום סנסנה (מיתר)

The parking at the Meitar checkpoint  which today is almost exploding with  cars and people, and tomorrow there will be silence because of the closureinfo-icon on the occasion of Memorial Day and Independence Day.

It's hard to live in the Middle East. The finger that tries to plug the dam of evil is almost broken today