Hagit (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
Hamevasser Hill
Hamevasser Hill

The octopus method of settler expansion on Palestinian land.

Kiryat Arba sits on two hills between which separates the hill of Harsina where Palestinians live and  who can not pass freely to their  own city of Hebron.

This city is spreading with the expropriation of state land. On the southern side, they spread to what the settlers call Givat Gal. And on the north side they spread toward the direction of Beit 'Anun to what is called Hill 22 and the settlers call Givat Hamevasser (herald).

On the Kiryat Arba Council website we found the following:

Prices of homes in Kiryat Arba

The price of three-room apartments is about NIS 430,000, the price of four-room apartments is about NIS 620,000, and the price of five-room apartments is about NIS 910,000. You can also buy 6-room apartments at a cost of one million shekels.

In the pictures abpve: Givat Hamevasser.

That's the way it is, and the state does not prevent it.

And in every such place, a checkpoint is built.