Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Yael and Hagit (reporting); Guest: Shani. Translator: Natanya

The world of occupation goes on its own merry way.

New barricades on road 60 at Deir Razah

See the link for how life is in Hebron. 


In Hebron the symbiotic link between the army and the settlers continues with no interference. This time we saw this in the new neighborhood of Kiryat Arba - Givat Gal.

Tamimi, whose land has been stolen from him, tells his story to Shani. 



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 At the House of Contention charming  soldiers from the parachute division do not allow us to go through the mosque to Zir Zion down below. We do  not argue. They will mess us around if we insist on going.

And in the end on the bus of the council of Gush Etzion we see the following advertisement: Violence is not our way,  the town without violence…Kiryat Arab /Hebron.   (and what a chutzpah!!)



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And read the article in Ha’aretz
 Everything is a  simple story.