'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tayba-Rummana

Shosh Fried and Hanna Heller

Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint 5:45

In the upper car park, workers are being picked up by vehicles which transport them to their workplaces. As we descend down the sleeveinfo-icon, we meet workers holding cups of coffee going up, but no one is entering the terminal. The terminal is quiet and there are five active checking posts.

As we leave at 6:15 we notice that everyone arriving at the checkpoint enters immediately. Apparently, there is no pressure in the mornings now. One of the people tells us that lately, problems have arisen at the Jalameh checkpoint. We hear about an elderly man who in fact needs no passage permit, but has been informed that he is prevented from crossing.

Changes in the upper car park – more latrines have been installed, and a shed.

‘Aneen Checkpoint 6:30

The soldiers arrive and carry out an assault simulation. The checkpoint is opened only at 6:45, people enter for inspection in groups of five. In total, 95 people have crossed and two tractors. Five persons were turned back by the “fashion police” since they were dressed too nicely (all of them carrying bags or a backpack with changes of work clothes…). We are told that lately a Druze soldier has been put in charge and he treats them badly.

Tayibe-Roumana Checkpoint 7:25

We arrive, as do the soldiers, but the checkpoint does not open. About ten men and a tractor wait in front. At exactly 7:45 the soldiers come out of their vehicle and open the checkpoint's three gatesinfo-icon. The soldiers return to the inspection shed and the workers follow behind. The workers stop only at the third gate, close to the shed. From there they enter in groups of five, for inspection. All in all 14 persons pass and a tractor. They complain – why doesn't this checkpoint open all year round? One of them tells us that before the checkpoint boss had been replaced he used to cross in his wagon, but now he is forbidden to do so because “it is not agricultural equipment”.