South Hebron Hills

Michal Ts.; Translator: Natanya.

South Hebron Hills

Siege, closureinfo-icon, blockages

הכניסה לכארמה.jpgהכניסה לדיר ראזח.jpg



The entrance to Deir Razih


The entrance to Karmah





Because of the situation on road 60 we returned to road 317 so as to understand the situation of the besieged and blocked  villages. Truly the entrances to Hebron, Yatta and Bani Na’im. Equipped with yellow gatesinfo-icon and the guard post  with soldiers.

הכניסה ליאטה מצומת זיף.jpg






The local inhabitants prefer that as there at least they are allowed through after having been checked. That is because the other possible entrances which are through neighboring villages or other roads which have not been tarred have simply been blocked with mountains of  dirt and large stones which have made them impassable.

I quote Ami Ayalon:  “We have created in Herbon as in other places a vacuum which pulls us all in, as in a black hole….There is no way of keeping a shadow of humanity,  of knowing what is  legal and what not, what is good and what is bad, what is righteous and  what not.

There can be no other reality when there is  domination and military rule over millions of people…. The reality will continue to be insane so long as the occupation continues."

So said one of the authorities who devoted most of his life to our security.

We, MachsomWatch and Breaking the Silence, are not weird.