Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Pnina, Hagit; Translator: Natanya


Truly without Zumud for 50 years alrady the Palestinians have not been able to breathe.


The main thing which we saw today were the rolling check points and the guard posts all along the way.

What hits the eye are the enormous Israeli flags flying in the wind and which call out symbolically: do not forget who are the “lords” of the land. When they see us they release the Palestinian cars at a faster rate as if to show how properly they are acting. Go and explain to them how improper this whole scene is.

There are also such checkpoints at Samoah, Dura and el Fawwar, the sheep crossroad, Beit Annun

We saw these checkpoints both going and returning.

Hebron looks deserted. It is Ramadan and the shops are closed and there are few people about. Most of them are in their homes.

The pillbox which stands under Kiryat Arba on the Path of the Worshippers has been renovated. We went up to Tel Rumeida and the soldiers opened the checkpoint for us when we said that we wanted to pray in the Habad area. Jewish women have priviliges.

In this picture ones sees the archaeological digs progressing.’

At  the entrance to the archaeological garden work is in progress of a new pillbox. 

Another pillbox is being constructed next to the cemetery of Habad. 
These pillboxes are directly next to the homes of Palestinians who live there.

unnamed (2)_18.jpg

At Kapisha work is continuing and the new checkpoint will be opened at the end of Ramadan.

Work is also being done at the checkpoint of Tel Rumeida and the expanded area.

Deir razih: At the entrance to the village soldiers take possession of the rooftop. At least three cars who wished to enter the village turned back. The soldiers were successful in intimidating them.

unnamed (4)_11.jpg


One of the villagers says to me: Do something.

At the entrance to Abde a new pillbox is being built rapidly.

In Hebron a group from Canada is being taken around by a guide who shows them the occupation.

I say…”This is not  being done in my name”

And that is also the reason I do not put up a flag. 

I am ashamed.